Month: May 2017

How to choose a suitable port style beverage chain project

many consumers to see what the current project fire, what to invest. This is easy to understand, but be sure to note that this project is suitable for you? Investment in Hong Kong style beverage chain for your investment? Many franchisees do not know how to think about this problem, Xiaobian compiled some skills, hoping to help you find the right direction of investment.

entrepreneurs have to visit the headquarters support strength, ability, management ability and strain capacity, can store image, site selection, equipment, services, and many other content on a comprehensive assessment support standard. read more

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Several methods of successful competitors in tea shops

tea is a kind of drink that we Chinese people like very much, it can be said that God gives us a special gift to the Chinese people, there is a place where there is competition in the market, there is a place where there is competition elimination system. So want to succeed in the war competitors, the strength to be strong, skills to master. Today we give you a few tips on how to compete in the tea shop competitors.

first, it can not be denied, competitors will be more or less dispersed tea to join the source, then the franchisee to do is not to try to suppress each other, but to understand each other’s situation. Although the same is the tea brand, but different brands have their own unique brand culture and audience groups. Is the so-called "in", only understand competitors, find out the advantages and disadvantages of their advantages, make up the insufficiency, can really win. Choice of taste on the retail chain. read more

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To join the advantage analysis of dessert

for dessert to join the project so much, how do you choose a suitable for their own projects, this is the key question, get a first look at the project with other projects compared to what advantage, today to recommend this to a dessert – dessert, let us look at it all in where.

, Haishu, under the Ningbo dessert Catering Management Service Co. Ltd., is a production and sales company based desserts. Since 2006 the establishment of "in the city of Ningbo Stadium Road, dessert, a family from the early development of dessert shop to join dessert now, have direct and stores a total of 28 stores, and continues to expand. "To dessert" by the local customers especially the young generation of love, more access to many foreign tourists are attracted to taste, and get the praise and appreciation. Today, the "dessert," has been well received by the customer favorite and respected brand dessert. read more

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Share the successful experience on pregnancy and infant supplies stores

Yunying shop success, many investors believe that this is the wish. Now pregnant baby industry prospects are so impressive, in the face of a good project, is bound to hold rich business opportunities, realize the dream of wealth as soon as possible. Today Xiaobian to share a story about the wealth of the industry.

3 years ago, born in 1981, Jiang Daopeng is just a driver, a monthly salary of 2000 yuan. May to May this year, he has four Yunying shop, Fifth stores have opened, the total turnover of more than 20 million yuan, a total assets of more than 10 million yuan Yunying shop. read more

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Qingdao Airport the Spring Festival home to ride a plane adorable pet can carry

in our daily life, with the gradual increase of living standards, many people in the usual time, all love feeding a small animal, but the Spring Festival is coming, a lot of people in order to avoid the traffic jam by plane, but the flight of adorable pet can carry? This is also the issue of concern to the majority of passengers. Reporters learned from the Qingdao airport, there are passengers when the opportunity to do not understand the relevant provisions, in an attempt to directly with a pet over security boarding, the result of the delay of the trip. read more

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