360 more people to search again to update the webmaster

Webmaster Station 360 Spider climb is not diligent, can use this tool to modify the spider crawling frequency!

function is very good, once the website source, or delete some pages, causing the site’s page generated 404, will not be friendly to search engines, so we have to submit the death!

spiders crawl frequency management

today Huang Kunru practices concern about 360 Webmaster Platform, Webmaster Platform once again updated the two new features found! Step by step is really love Shanghai ah, have to say, 360 search is also very impressive! Because of this, Huang Kun I am concerned about every day 360! Then introduce the two functions under the 360 update!

what is the search engine spiders and spider role I think this is all about!


: a chain submitted to

method we can go to submit links, I see another blog post, is about the death of submitted methods! You can see the station search!

welcome to my blog, study together! Love Shanghai search blog can Huang kun!

two: spider pressure Beta

If you find

address: 贵族宝贝jmdrkj.cn/435.html please indicate the source!

The The

engine based on a certain algorithm in the premise of spider web sites to grab will not adversely impact on the site, set the crawl frequency on the website, and varies according to the actual situation, but because of the complexity of the algorithm and the webmaster website operation needs, according to the website of the actual operation needs to adjust the frequency of the spiders crawl the effective operation and optimization of bandwidth to web spider.


have to say, this feature is very awesome!

is currently the two new functions are awesome and very practical! We need to try!

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