summarize some experience to keep the site ranked first

3, on Links, when our website ranking good, often Links also add it, many people do not know how to start, because too much Links may be right down, but also to maintain the weight of import every day website, I also tangled in it, followed by expert advice to see light suddenly, Links is not much >

2, pay more attention to some optimization details, improve the overall quality of the site, now is not popular to observe competitors? What competitors do, we can also come from. So in the first row of our dangerous, who, who, who have our competitors, we learn this, learn that, if the comprehensive level of its website is not enough, others a little to learn, then a bright spot, your site will one day be transcended, very practical the. So pay attention to some details, maybe others can steal our website content, chain how to optimize method, but the details of other people can not pay attention to. For example: the server stable, every day to update the site map layout, good words, don’t just change the title, labels and other details, more to go, it is important to grasp their own.

a while ago, optimized for a long time, finally put the keywords of each station are on the home page, there are 2 and 3 sites in the first row, behind the same will be updated, but the ranking is not very stable, old people will be squeezed down, then efforts, so repeatedly to toss ah, time consuming, and the traffic is not too stable, in the first 3 fortunately, traffic is still pretty much, but if only the top 3 in turn, I have what pressure, the problem is always off the home page to page second, the flow of less ah, look at feel heartache, money flew go to the pockets of others feel that this is not the way to go, and there are other sites to continue to optimize, not so much time and resources are over here, thinking about how to keep stable in the rankings, a lot of information online, summary Some useful experience, after a period of adjustment, in addition to really love Shanghai before and after the update ranking are quite stable, see a lot of my friends are still grappling with this, I will write down the experience, I hope to help you, of course, each of the sites are not the same, may not be suitable for some sites. Under the hope of understanding.

1, keep updating is necessary, regardless of whether the website article or the chain, the chain might not be so frequent, but the content of the website must be updated every day to update the content that you pay attention to this website, I believe that the search engine, but also to ensure the quality, may not need all of the original but, how have the 1,2 to drop it, this site weight will gradually rise, of course, if you are full of energy, can be more crazy, improve the overall quality of the chain and content, in large forum and blog to send some outside chain, the content is good, often in A5, Shanghai dragon WHY write some soft Wen, the quality of the chain on the table. Not as long as what big problem basically ranking will be very strong.

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