t is easy to be ignored right down the website cause duplicate content

again, repeat the above about, pages created too numerous to mention, then there is a page that is repeated, repeated page error page, this does not have thought? The only error page return code is only 404 status code, other state codes are wrong, if you return to the other state code 200 for example, then you think you delete a page to create a page to repeat, so what is the final results of this, think about it, the error page must return a 404 status code, guiding the search engine delete this page that is supposed to do, what other status code not all.

second, website program created a large number of duplicate pages, do not know, there is no one to use shopex, I remember a friend in the Shanghai dragon why is encountered such a problem, and then, when the time is late, love Shanghai has a collection of a large number of duplicate content, namely, Title The content of URL, but different, as like as two peas, and this kind of form, there is a website that is, parameters of the program, there are many parameters directly created a website title and description of the same, that is to say, shielding shielding, screening, such as the city, and so on, some need to pay attention to, have to understand, this page is repeated can be masked in the website design process, but always because of some negligence caused a lot of junk pages filled in their website, etc. To find the time, has included a lot, also have a lot of influence.

in those areas?


first, the website of a large collection, remember there is a saying, copy is always better than a good collection, and a copy of the content, far more than the acquisition without thinking quality content of high quality N times, if the content of the website can not grasp the good, it is recommended that, look for the quality of the copy, at least I also talk about their own as a point of view, contains the views of the article, it’s like, an article method on his own blog, there are friends to comment, then this article is significant, meaningful love Shanghai is welcome, but! Must have meaning to us, the determination to look down.

can not say that the content is the cornerstone of Internet information, no content, where there is widely spread of the Internet, but a website appears a lot of topics, we can not say that this is a great influence on the site, at least one reason chewing a paper to chew a repeat; the content of the main


may have a lot of people know what is the reason, site right down the space, for example, to change the title, the site was attacked, Links etc., it also can not explain or will say, love Shanghai ventilation or the like, but here, said the reason is easy to love Shanghai right down the large number of duplicate content, which is different from we often read the article, I hope to see friends have benefits, and improve it.

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