Love how to remove the Shanghai safety risk warning

love Shanghai official announced in November 15th the vulnerability detection tool beta version, this tool can detect whether the site was hacked, whether there are loopholes. Because I love Shanghai risk warning is mainly because the site was hacked and the site itself loopholes. So how to use

fifth step left "vulnerability detection

in the fourth step, certified ownership site list to select the query site

Sixth step

, registered and logged in love Shanghai webmaster tools

After the

second, submitted to the site and verify the ownership of the site to verify the specific attribution method visible help documentation

vulnerability detection tools?The first step of

method according to the tooltip to repair their own website vulnerabilities, you can remove the love of Shanghai security risk warning. Love in Shanghai has been constantly improve themselves, which requires us to master also keep pace with the times, constantly follow the footsteps of Shanghai love, so that love cannot be abandoned by Shanghai, in order to obtain more traffic from

from the user’s perspective, this is a responsible attitude to the user, to ensure the safety of Internet users, for the development of the Internet has played an important role. In turn, but for the webmaster, the site is that It is without rhyme or reason. security risk, is undoubtedly a heavy blow to the website, after the customer search keywords show our website, once be prompted to security risk warning, no estimate of a customer clicks on our website, no traffic, all efforts were in vain. How to solve the security risks that love Shanghai

provided by 贵族宝贝dsgzp贵族宝贝/

third, left "site management"

! ?

can detect whether the site vulnerabilities problems (such as the main form of exhibition map)

love Shanghai!The

love Shanghai official updates in September 3rd, joined the website security risk warning function for some website hacked trojan website, web site search results in risk warning. If you click on the risk warning website, not into the web page, but a love Shanghai prompt warning page.

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