Optimization analysis of elements of love Shanghai Wikipedia entry page


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in Shanghai in search of love, top several of the most is the love of Shanghai’s own products, such as: Shanghai, Shanghai Encyclopedia of love love, know love Shanghai pictures, many people think that this is the love of Shanghai people, but think about it, and then look at some popular keyword search, or website ranking in the encyclopedia first, if it is man-made, encyclopedia articles rankings should have certain rules, you said right? Love is love most about Shanghai Shanghai themselves, their love what you know best, so the optimization of love Shanghai products is the most welcome ranking mechanism, so we do love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon Shanghai, especially sex optimization, it is worth to study about the love of Shanghai products! Radish briefly talk about the optimization of love Shanghai Encyclopedia

, 1, title

2, h1-h6 tag using

6, other


The link optimizationThe a property of the !

radish is simply say some optimization > you see


Title: entry name + love Shanghai encyclopedia, meta description is the first 200 words of the content automatic acquisition, meta keywords, now a lot of people say that keywords has no meaning, I think it should be on the

entry name using the H1 tag, the headings in entry using H2 tags. The last time I write this article will use small title form editing, Title Use H1 tags, small Title Use < strong > tag, this is love the love of Shanghai.


link to the Wikipedia page is written by < a; href=" /" > < /a > a, links to other attribute column page is the < a href=" /ziran/" > < /a, > column folder is part of the spell

said in the code and try not to display < div class=" clear" > < /div > this kind of code, but I see the Wikipedia entry appears in the most is this code, clear code, I never used, I wrote the CSS inside the concrete this code is good or not good, we can discuss.

4, English special characters

display related entries, classification of tags, the extended reading, also add a share function, the user experience is very good to do

display related content

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