Love Shanghai to reform his own life Mobile search or cancel PC page


webmaster, have to do is adjust their strategy for the mobile web, through the establishment of a HTML5 page or form "in the establishment of siteapp developer center platform, mobile page resources as soon as possible, to ensure that search the advantages in terms of mobile Shanghai dragon.

love Shanghai mobile search principle



love Shanghai mobile search trends

with love for Shanghai station Changsha dragon high-end event, because the mobile phone broke, with the official figure, figure for the love of Shanghai mobile search mobile search optimization problems to answer Luo Xujian.

to determine the stability, mainly through the ability of operation and maintenance

search friendly: nothing to say, as PC, is conducive to grasping and recognition spider.


last week (November 22nd) I had the honor of receiving the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform invitation, attended the Shanghai love Webmaster Platform high-end salon owners (Beijing Railway Station) "love Shanghai night" salon. The salon is the biggest highlight of love Shanghai mobile search will go public view, this article from the Shanghai love trends, mobile search principle, Rank strategy, mobile search optimization, should say is the most comprehensive, the largest amount of information in an article.

Rank judgment method, you feel:

finally, love Shanghai for the first time to the public display of the Rank strategy (similar to the nobility of baby PR "rating), although more general introduction, but we can still read some clues.

(5) traffic data (see, in fact as long as the promotion of Rank can improve the


(4) service competitiveness, whether to meet specific needs in the vertical field.

(3) user experience, complete function is available, whether mobile interaction. (this is very difficult for small owners, admit it).

mobile search strategy


Based Relevance: text / resources to meet the needs of the user level (and traditional PC station, your content to be useful to the user, and whether the relationship is not possible to reprint).

in place)

(1) authoritative website finishing quality or in a certain field (PC station and WAP station, APP influence each other)

The quality of

love the sea will begin in mid December, phasing out "does not have the only value" of the PC page, to encourage the construction of mobile station resources, to optimize the mobile user search experience. This means that after the mobile phone with love Shanghai to search a large number of PC pages will disappear, replaced by the mobile version of the page.

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