Love Shanghai on the site of the weight and ranking

The weight of a relationship with the space of commercial

included how many can determine the size of the site, but can never become a weight judgment standard, some sites included hundreds of thousands, millions, the weight does not necessarily high. In addition, included more web site not ranked on the front, but included high site to do the chain, it is absolutely right. Some people do when Links is very concerned about the industry is not have relevance for Google, which needs to pay attention, if you love Shanghai, the same industry Links is not so important. As long as the snapshot and included and their own websites almost on the line, if can with the relatively large size of the website for a link, must also be good.

website ranking in search engine is a lot of concern, Shanghai dragon is specifically for search engine rankings and the birth of the industry, Shanghai dragon ER is search engine optimization experts. That is very difficult, in fact, each Shanghai dragon ER on the search engine rankings have their own experience, today I want to share some experience with website weight is of the website in the search engine. At present, Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai optimization techniques rely on love. Shanghai love a bad temper, occasionally go crazy, such as changes in some time ago ranking, finally restored, love Shanghai internal news release said the server data error. I think we should be able to see, there are some sites in the "wrong" in did not get up.

site, Shanghai will not easily give up love included site, such as Guo Yeye before a web site is do Wuhan love Shanghai promotion, the domain name is not used baidusa, and later because of the space business, ten and a half months are not open the site, the weight will naturally but love is not immediately reduced, Shanghai K, is still ranked, only.

also has a relationship with the weight of the time domain name, domain name for a long time love Shanghai website will be more popular, it is a common and Google, but there is one point to note, Guo Yeye had carefully read the rules included love Shanghai, if a domain name in an industry website, keywords Title description definition is fixed, the site suddenly went on to become another industry, the domain name does not change, love Shanghai snapshot update immediately after a new ranking, this behavior is considered cheating, the initial ranking will be very wrong, but 15 days to a month or so will be K join away, love Shanghai to review the list of sites at this time to have ranking is more difficult, do not know the love of Shanghai will have a black list.

love Shanghai no weight like Google value is PR, so most people have to update the snapshot to determine how fast the website weight. Guo Yeye is also such a judgment, the closer the website weight snapshot date is high, here out of the day included site, some of the guys love with the collection of sites to deceive Links, we must pay attention to this. The weight of love in Shanghai is the main thing is to see the snapshot analysis, there is a ranking, weight and ranking inseparable.

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