Experts feel the pulse of 2011 Shanghai Longfeng new process

Shanghai dragon 03 years into the Chinese, to begin 07 years rapid development, rely on changing the search engine algorithm, the definition of Shanghai dragon is also a step further. Early Shanghai dragon basically is one key words, so it is easy to effect. But to the present state, the site easily occupy a space for one person to contention of a hundred schools of thought, it is not an easy task. While this discussion the root lies in a long time, the search engine and Shanghai dragon in the role of the internet. The search engine service object is the nets, he must constantly improve the algorithm and the ranking rules, let users really do in the short period of time, to find the desired information and information. Shanghai dragon is part of

will be converted into the best solution contradiction and unity, is to let the Shanghai dragon purpose and search engine goal to reach a consensus. The foreseeable future is definitely the future development trend of Shanghai dragon will also pay more attention to the user experience. At the moment, the only way to break through the bottleneck is looking forward to the new power into.

for the domestic implementation of Shanghai dragon people, most of them belong to the Shanghai dragon consultants or other enterprises and individuals, but the enterprise managers, they really want to extend from the network is its own brand, only the Shanghai dragon is completely not enough. In another aspect, or people engaged in the industry for their products the most thorough understanding, is the enterprise itself. They know the needs of users, do.

network promotion, network marketing is essential, for the rankings and pull on the dominant. That attachment is born and struggle of defense role, every day on the internet.

overseas Shanghai Dragon technology brought experience, can be used as reference for the domestic market at present. AD Shanghai is a technology which is the dragon, let Shanghai dragon and the concept of company’s products with long-term it will do, is the future trend of Shanghai dragon. Most companies do Shanghai dragon, is to make our company website has a good ranking in the search engine, it can be said that in order to make money. But AD Shanghai dragon broke through this narrow concept, let the focus point of view to extend the target customer specific and network development and operation later, from the opposite situation before open, user oriented, to achieve the win-win two-way brand and website.


6 years, Shanghai dragon lay half of the country in the domestic market, but the independent status of rivers and lakes has not changed, will not be able to avoid the real sword under the 2011 Shanghai will advance secretly by an unknown path, the dragon is a new battle, entered the professional Shanghai dragon journey is irreversible, how can we win this new campaign or that? How can small and medium-sized enterprises in this field at home and abroad in the spread of war plan?

March, 8 overseas experts Shanghai Longfeng remote connection, a 2011 Shanghai dragon industry preview for us. I have the honor as observers, benefit. Here and share with you the harvest.

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