Enterprise search engine marketing should be accurate

search engine marketing is faced with a search engine for product promotion, brand promotion and other services, carry out some marketing activities, with more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the site, there are more and more people began to use the search function to find the required information, the enterprise website should begin to pay more attention to search engine marketing, and in the search engine marketing when more and more accurate.

design precision


guide page design precision

when we put the user through the search engine into the site, he will enter a page. The design for this page must be accurate, so that users see the relevant information of the goodwill and trust will increase, will also strengthen consumer desire. If the page design is not accurate, not very good to guide the user, then the consumer behavior is likely to decrease, and then leave the page. How can we do that to make web design precision? In simple terms, is to increase the trust of users, to meet consumer demand. We can’t just do some simple introduction for it, and all the information will be closely linked to the consumption of organic display. Will show enough concern to the user, to impress users. Or buy a cement warehouse corporate website, let the user first glance > page design

for search engines, efficient keyword matching will win directly click on the target user’s keywords, the more accurate user consumption more clearly, our work efficiency is highest. What kind of keywords is accurate keywords, in order to meet the users? Keywords must and enterprise products and related services related. For example, a cement warehouse production enterprises, if the sales area is not the country, but in the design keyword recommendation have many other keywords regional cement silo, it is clearly not enough precision. If users to search the site by keyword, but the site is not actually in charge of the sales system, will have indirect influence on the enterprise brand and sales. Therefore, we consider keyword precision design, we must consider the consumption and transformation and enterprise agreement. As a kind of enterprise product is better, for some local services or professional services business, if the keywords design is not accurate, the user is not friendly. For example, is to do business training, but the training of Ceng Shiqiang as a keyword, the search results into people simply can not find the relevant information, the enterprise is very bad. Keywords precision must meet the specific search and easy transformation, to achieve real marketing.


is now a high efficiency era, they must do things. We are in the search engine marketing, must also be efficiency, the efficiency is to make all the work with precise positioning. Only in this way, the user can search results in the phase, to achieve the maximum conversion and consumption. Enterprise search engine marketing precision of how to implement it better, can 3 aspects can start.

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