The chain is still useful


the old man summed up the chain experience, in recent years come, in fact, the chain now has not separate at a web site, it was attached to a high quality of soft Wen, then a lower requirement is also a high quality for your target customers useful pseudo original articles. Talked about this before, I have to say, the chain is now released for what. Is it still as before only to the search engines to see? The old man was here to tell you that is not, since the love Shanghai update algorithm, love Shanghai foreign chain requirements have not just so simple. (Danger ahead!, dry cargo, friends note) love Shanghai now foreign chain requirements is the most important value you have not used this link to the customer, for example, you’re writing a high quality tourism Raiders in the soft, then add a word, for Beijing tourism interest friends can go and see * * * website, this website with more comprehensive information. Then the anchor text is "* * * website" or "Beijing tourism" according to the keywords you want to promote it, this is a high quality of the chain.

then let us analyze the chain what is the difference with the chain before us. The chain now has not only left a URL, it is content, it appears in the article which is so natural, seems born in it, is to give the reader to prepare, in reading the whole article, want to know more friends, just click naturally to you the site, so that the role of the chain is really reached. The chain, after all, is there for site drainage. That way, before us is Qibenqiumo, thought the chain is to search engine, and ignore the essence of

search engine after several updates to the role of the chain is more and more low, so the chain is still useful? The answer is yes. It is like the old man had just started, registered a large forum Post Bar blog account, then the individuality signature written on our website, or to a large number of comments, leave the site in the comments? Then the old man here to tell you, this method has not work, but a lot of garbage the chain will cause site drop right! So we are now in the end how to do the chain


original article: it is an original article, as search engines are getting closer, in which the stored data is more and more big, if you still give it to repeat things, then I’m sorry, it is not right now. This article you may simply not included, or the need for a long time will be included, even if included, would row is back in the very back. "




finished the real role of the chain, for we released the chain is half the battle. But we still have to pay attention to two points. The matching degree of the original and the

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