The details determine the success or failure of Shanghai dragon industry website optimization

when you choose an industry and to the site, or to collect information of competitors, then we collected all the peer websites and their keyword ranking, weight, and collected data, and the degree of difficulty to eradicate competition we choose the right keywords and we have the certainty of victory to avoid, face greater competition, which greatly improved our website optimization

two: how to optimize the two level domain name

site structure optimization details

do we know Shanghai Longfeng industry website optimization work is difficult, because it involves many contents, sometimes competition will be fierce, but how to win in the fierce competition? For Shanghai dragon industry website optimization, it is necessary to pay attention to the details of the optimization of Shanghai dragon, details we are going to talk about the problem of the medical industry in Shanghai dragon in the optimization of

Since the keyword optimization details

industry site, then a lot of columns, when we put the column to bind the two domain names, but this is optimized after a period of time to find these sections of the content page is basically not included, is the largest part of the home page, after careful analysis to know these two domain name column as a new station, that is to say you’re a new optimization, so the difficulty and workload is very large, then directly put these two domain names into a directory, after a period of time after the discovery of love began in Shanghai included the contents of my column, so if you do not have a very strong team, do not bind the two domain name

on the site design stage will be set up. The principle of naming, otherwise easy to cause confusion in the naming process of design, maintenance and Optimization in the future have brought a lot of trouble, but the URL is relatively short, the search engine is better, the website structure is also good for the search. The engine is also more.

multiplier effect!Keywords confidence!

: a competitor analysis, targeted

! !

many people know that the choice of keywords is important, but how many people are not very clear, we mainly through the webmaster tools, love Shanghai index and view the keywords, but also simulate the user’s search habits, which conform to the user habits of keywords and long tail keywords, so we brought to the optimization work



good choice, naturally start to optimize the layout of the keywords, usually home to put the main keywords and brand keywords, and the corresponding column page inside to put some key words, there is a column is appropriate to put some long tail key words, in the content page is added inside the natural keyword the content of this layout, make the site look natural, not deliberately optimized feeling, which is great form is beyond shape like


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