The advent of the nternet age do not know how to walk in the network site optimization

for the content of the structure to do a simple adjustment, you can immediately search engines and landing as soon as possible, so the income to the new title and description.

The internal link structure of

The title of the localization of

website optimization, is in fact already know the search natural ranking based on the internal area of the site is an optimization to search keywords in the web site to be changed, to obtain a higher ranking, so you can attract more customers to visit.


At present,

station optimization

site structure adjustment

is the title of the set must contain some optimization keyword content, so many several web page titles he was not the same, at least to show his words. The R keyword is actually a very simple description. This time if the title has been identified that can not be changed.

keep the frequency of keywordsAfter

if the original site is because the page has an image problem, the image more, and these elements for search engines will have a certain impact, so this time we need to adjust the structure of the web site, the best way is to update the keywords, can link from the home page, and then jump to another page as a single keyword description.

in time for a change, must as far as possible to change the original image of the link, it is best to use text connection copy up, but also remember the definition of global, and then unified the location of the link.

generally speaking, in fact, website optimization is divided into two parts. One is outside the station optimization, two station optimization. ManU studio by current technology, make our website can make good user experience more degree rise in the search engine above. Saiki aim is to be able to make the site search engine ranking up, which can be recognized by customers. Then from what is to optimize?

website optimization is to make the site easier to search, and then be more customers to use in order to improve the value of.

site optimization itself covers a lot of things, simple examples, it includes the station outside the station optimization, optimization and optimization of the entire station, is in the website design to design suitable for the search keywords, drawing mark for search engine rankings, so you can make the search engine to get more traffic so, the higher ranked.

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