Think about the four words, you may not entangled in the Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai businessmen, so for the future of Shanghai dragon does not have to be too pessimistic

Although Love is the essence of

February 15, 2012, Shanghai dragon search and Related words, there will be the following tips: "love Shanghai remind you: do not believe the Shanghai dragon’s theory and case, improper Shanghai dragon may pose a risk to your site. The webmaster of Shanghai Longfeng recommendations on the site before reading the official guide to love Shanghai." However, by March 8, 2012, Shanghai dragon search and Related words, there will be the following tips: "love Shanghai reminds you: Shanghai dragon is a very important work, please refer to the recommendations about love Shanghai Shanghai dragon." Two times before writing tone is different, so many webmaster began to learn to read deep love Shanghai, love Shanghai began to support the Shanghai Longfeng debate, even if you break a day, love Shanghai policy is how to get how to get, to head to only be dumb to eat pineapple, have bitter herbs. So no matter whether to support the love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, we should be aware that too much of a website business pressure on ranking and traffic is very dangerous, because the single marketing will make their own development is very unstable, who does not guarantee that Shanghai will not love to own under the ruthless hand what if, under the ruthless hand, not a multi-faceted marketing as compensation, so our products should disappear so far? So with strong flow of love Shanghai, we should carry on the micro-blog blog forum and other aspects of marketing, in fact, to create their own brands, only the vertical flow that is what we really need something.

love is not opposed to support Shanghai regardless of Shanghai Longfeng, diversified marketing imperative

Shanghai Longfeng has not been acknowledged in writing the love of Shanghai, from the beginning to the end has just released a search optimization guide and other official documents, but it is undeniable that Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology plays an extremely important role for the development of the site, and its derivative industry is to support numerous business and IT network lovers. Shanghai dragon and oneself as a business branch, timely to also always concerned about the technology, after all, the enemy can ever victorious, they want to get more benefits from the Shanghai dragon optimization, must take on a. But we can not deny the love of Shanghai recently a series of practice is to let everyone cannot read what his intentions were, so many industry friends started to panic, afraid of their own industry has no future, and love Shanghai also makes us crazy between the cooperation with the customers more then a relationship not sensitive. Said mistrust, but uncomfortable, for all the above phenomenon, small Su also feel when we engage in these sites do have some too sensitive.

love is the sea first invested 50 million RMB in 2004, and part of its stake, acquired at the time of the most influential site navigation hao123, later and Japanese electricity supplier giant cooperation in the formation of the cool days of shock >

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