What is the key How to classify keywords

through the above explanation we should have a conceptual understanding of key words, but if it is for a Shanghai dragon Er, this is not enough, we should also further study keywords in different populations in the eyes of what is, stand on a different point of view is how a keyword for example:

believe that for most of the search engine users as well as any one engaged in the search engine related keywords for workers are not unfamiliar. In the process we use search engines are often exposed to such as keywords, core keywords, long tail keywords, keywords and other related words of navigation. So we will not feel strange about it, then what is the

tools / materials

4 website: for a variety of different types of websites, such as: electricity supplier website, enterprise website, blog, forum, classified information, keywords for them should be meaningful search engines on their own web pages (including home page, column page, page, the product page and any other page) a keyword index can bring users of the site.

keyword? ? ?In fact, the so-called

said the so-called vernacular, it refers to any keywords of a search engine user, enter in the search box to find relevant information through the search engine. It can be a word, can also be a word, a word, an English alphabet, English words, a number, a symbol of any can enter in the search box information.

2 search engine users / users: for them, keywords is an instruction issued to their search engine, search engine is to help them find relevant information of the command is to help them to engage in a dialogue with the search engine’s symbol. In their eyes I enter in the search box, see what it is, as long as it can help them find the information of the target can be.


1 keywords it is actually derived from the English "Keywords", especially in the production of single media using the index, a word used by the. Keyword search is one of the main methods of web search index, the specific name is hope visitors to understand the product or service or companies and other terms.

What is the

3: search engine for love Shanghai, noble baby, 360 search engine keywords, they understand user behavior is the most basic element is a door to accept the search engine user behavior information. In the search engine keyword search box is not equal to the user input information, but after the user input information Chinese segmentation, segmentation, to stop words, instruction processing, spelling error correction, integrated search trigger after a series of calculated using word based keyword (or lexical entry) set.


5 Er: Shanghai Longfeng for website optimization.


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