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and the Internet is a special industry, virtual Internet is behind the real industrial chain; and how to make the virtual information industry to better serve the real product! How to better services for consumers, test the wisdom of all love Shanghai! May the new tactics, there may be a new shock to Shanghai dragon industry, we wait and see!!!!!

!CCTV exposure

, the popular keywords, if the original sex Shanghai bidding did not, presumably will invest more money to the website of Shanghai Longfeng construction, while driving is the whole industry chain of Shanghai dragon. For Changsha forum, PPC is not important. After love Shanghai shady, business integrity test, we can see that the China Internet regulatory loopholes, legal lag phenomenon; as Internet practitioners, Shanghai dragon Er group, the focus on product promotion at the same time, we should pay more attention to product quality, practical and realistic, do not blow is too big, the balloon is more than it’s tolerance limit also, the


will explode!

from the current situation, the love of Shanghai is bound to change; it let more users to learn the love of Shanghai promotion shady, may top the natural site more opportunities, or network promotion distrust; while the Shanghai dragon world rankings after the fall is love Shanghai good.


four ministries jointly love Shanghai, surface GVM department and the supervision of the media love Shanghai, or to the supervision of the Internet industry; the inner is probably the two big alligator competing interests.


is currently Shanghai dragon Er is talking about the most popular topic, fake websites is surely love Shanghai money promotion is CCTV exposure; yesterday to expose the CCTV exposure shady love Shanghai to reap huge profits; as long as you give money, he will give you the advertisement. Xiao Li is how to become visible, Chinese’s richest man; at the cost of bad faith, to seek a monopoly for its huge profits; through love Shanghai link to seek profits of the business, but also have become the object of love Shanghai profits, love Shanghai integrity suffered a severe test of


Internet industry make TV media advertising revenue shrinking; CCTV interests. This is inevitable. The Internet love Shanghai alone big, CCTV predators and it will be afraid! CCTV exposure love Shanghai continues to ferment, love Shanghai whether to make public relations, audit strictly promotion advertisement! It is after

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