Talk about some details that need to optimize the site

site map of the site is very large, but many owners often do not pay attention, a good website is a web site with the map, this is not only conducive to the user to find what they need, and to the spider crawling.

1, in the chain and the structure of


users, the title is one thing, to the search engine, the title contains words can improve the keywords ranking, so a good title to the optimization division very helpful. The title and description should be applied flexibly, first determine the website target keywords, makes the title included, by describing a word contained in the title.


in the website optimization process in detail is very important, often the details can determine success or failure of a web site, search engine now has been very perfect, more sophisticated work requires more and more large. Many webmaster do optimization when it is done well, but have no effect. This is a page website optimization details haven’t been good reason:

2, the title and description of

server space is a carrier for the site, if the carrier often can not be opened, so the user may and spiders to you all can’t show a friendly attitude. The website domain name is the most important thing, station must have an independent domain name after the development in order to help the other people, and domain name can not be used, otherwise the domain name has been drop right or K stand, it is difficult to develop. So the choice of domain name and space must be careful to find a regular service provider to decide.


robots is the largest concentration of weight, robots is a shielding function, tell the search engines which pages can crawl, which pages can not capture, such as the bottom of the site: the copyright information, contact information, etc. that is not important page you can use the robots shield, to focus on the important weight of the page.

3, domain name and space

optimized sites, found that many webmaster to the site to do the very fancy, indiscriminate use of JS and FLASH, this time can not increase the weight but also fancy against spider crawling, in the framework of the search engine rules structure, JS and FLASH are unable to crawl, actually the website structure is more simple and more conducive to optimization. Especially some flat structure web spider love the most. In addition to the structure and make the chain, when the website weight up use is very big.

site map

5, robots

this paper from Xie Kai Shanghai Longfeng: 贵族宝贝xiekai Shanghai dragon.C>

website optimization is not only to pay attention to the general, can not let go in some small details, perhaps a very simple question can lead to site is K or drop right results.