Search engine optimization techniques offbeat interpretation

"if you are looking for the best price for the new iPad and iPad, and the best medicine reducing weight (blue anchor text)! Get a free five bags of apples."

in 2012, the link the blow is difficult. Then I’ll have to change before the negative effect caused by the negative effect. I remember an optimization master said: any links are useful. We first buquguan it is of high quality or low quality. The problem now is that any link to do? Do one death in the library, forums, or blogs? Of course, many people are all three together, so enough? My answer is not enough, you need to do the chain in more types of websites, more web sites do chain.

If you are in the

each of us to see 2012 your links come from where? Is it a single? Whether relevant to your website? Next consider trying something new. You will update the diversification, risk diversification.

forum, QQ, micro-blog everywhere ask "what is the best search engine optimization?" (link building strategy, label, catalogue, etc.) so you have been in trouble. No single method is at best short-term tactics. The real link configuration is rich, the real marketing is variety. How to understand this sentence, I break into small classification to explain.

let’s start with a simple. As we all know, too radical inbound link anchor text to promote website content update, must strengthen the news. If every link to your website reads "diet pills buy today the best!", rather than read "trash spam", especially if it is in such a sentence:

anchor text natural

web link

in Shanghai Shanghai dragon world, 2012 if you can let us remember what the love Shanghai 6.18 and 7.28K station storm is the most profound. We have 622 events, the crackdown on spam and junk the chain, the chain link attack behavior, love Shanghai webmaster tools and updates upgrade. He although I don’t know what will happen next new situation. However, I can tell you is the following 2013 search engine optimization idea is essential, but also insists on the implementation issues.

most of us are too dependent on the flow of love in Shanghai. If >

multiple traffic sources

this is not natural, do you know what is the best way to make your anchor text seems to stop indulging in "nature". The anchor text is a signal, but any fixed link configuration is to the nature of the use of related text appears in the relevant position under article. If you want to adjust the number of high authority link text up, it should be natural but not single.