The details of 8 Shanghai dragon research competitors must know the website er

PR in Google ranking of the weight down, and PR of Shanghai to optimize the love, not what meaning, but PR is the quantity and quality of the chain site directly and closely related. Is the best illustration of website quality parameters. If your web site PR reached 5 or more than 6, your difficulty is great.

With the help of

see snapshot date rivals, as well as the station for the update of the new snapshot, the search engine to the higher the frequency, the higher frequency is included, which is the rival network >

fourth: external links

fifth: snapshot date:

second: GG

includes the total number of page links, external links, external links in the page number, anchor text distribution, and the chain is the main source of the weight of the website, is to Links, or forum. Blog the low quality of the chain, we can directly check the tools to. It is recommended to use YAHOO check the chain link data tools, hand YAHOO is still relatively accurate, on the other hand, it can make the quality of the chain is an effective arrangement. This is a useful data for us.



: the first domain name age

included this, more precise studies should be included in the rate of the opponent, but not included, imagine a station, a total of 100 articles, a collection of 90, and another station, the total number of 200, a collection of 100, the weight of the station, and included rate is high the often reflects the structural layout of the site as a whole is reasonable.

The number of

third: the total number of pages included

tool to view the domain name registration time, and first time to be made, usually we often study will find that some of the old domain name, the chain is not much, but it’s the very front rank, so the weight of love Shanghai search engine algorithm about the age of the domain name is very high, you can think of this if you have a domain name that is ten years ago, needless to say other, only the value of the domain name itself, enough for you, so your competitors stand older, more difficult than he

the word, called friends, baizhanbudai, is the only fully understand our opponents, to grasp the beat, for Shanghai dragon, the main competition is from competitors, if there is no competitors, it is easy to make up words, therefore, understand the opponent’s website, it is more important. The Shanghai dragon Er, the research on competitors is that one thing is very important, especially for the new station, is the first thing to do. In fact, our Shanghai dragon e usually has imperceptibly in optimization, study the opponent, for example, see the opponent’s PR, the chain, included snapshot date etc.. Here, we have to study detailed look at these factors.

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