From the forum began to rectify the reduction of Shanghai Longfeng exchange sites

try to think of a silly little rookie just hold their attitude to the forum, but found that these indecent articles, make people too much to handle? Rectify the plate, the author thinks that the first to strengthen the audit efforts for each audit, but by a series of screening of these articles, and then it has nothing to do with the Shanghai dragon and some meaningless articles on the line of filtering, which requires a certain amount of manpower. Secondly, the moderator should pay more attention to reward punishment management on this forum, the hair of the article, should be deducted points processing, to encourage original, to improve the level of gold, as to make the original more to replace these rubbish. Finally, the moderator can appropriate in some festivals held to discuss some activities to attract the participation of Shanghai dragon Er, also can effectively reduce the Shanghai dragon Er to post replies to the chain and attention.

on AC

Q & a plateThe

this section is Shanghai Phoenix Forum is one of the most popular, the most main section is the novice and veteran exchanges, such as the A5 why Zatan forum, Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng exchange area etc.. Because it is the main forum for communication, improve the rectification of this forum is more important. Ashamed to say, I also in the forum sent some spam, found in this section for the audit requirements is very low, even some forum is not audited, resulting in a waste article:



plate is the novice enlightenment Park, but the other hand now, almost every answer is "top", "thanks for sharing" spam reply, novice and talk about what to learn, Shanghai dragon ER and talk about what should be AC? Q plate, mutual love, although now ask plate use the method of reward coins to attract the answer, but still not enough efforts, because most of Shanghai dragon Er registered forum account is to send the chain, they don’t care about your bonus coins. Therefore, in view of this situation, the answer plate can do: rectify the moderator or administrator can help the questioner answer questions. So what is this good, can make the first question they resolved, and let it be.

The first section:

Shanghai dragon forum is Shanghai dragon novice veteran exchange their learning place, do not know what time from the beginning, the holy land has become a waste "left", all the pseudo original, copy and paste the garbage article, almost everyone is with the purpose of the chain to the author of this forum. Feel helpless and sad. In fact, I think, be sure to go to Shanghai dragon forum, make efforts to improve the situation, but not in order to maintain the popular forum and let the chain of garbage flooding, and should gradually rectify from each section, a reduction in Shanghai Longfeng exchange the Holy land.


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