20 year old Webmaster how to enhance the website ranking

a good user experience Optimization) UI. People think this is important, then such a good site, if you ignore the user experience this, such as a large number of hanging advertising, search engine is not humane, the layout is not reasonable, so sooner or later will be all in vain, visitors will be gradually lost. This is to prevent the loss of visitors.

, do well in the station optimization

four) good keyword optimization. In fact according to the website of your location, such as a passenger network, as mobile phone SMS, then the keyword can be set in the SMS, SMS, SMS, funny humorous SMS, birthday festival SMS, selected keywords, keyword density is set up, whether the home is the inside pages, as far as possible to ensure the keyword density remain at 2%—8%. This is also to ensure the spider love Shanghai.

as the Internet becomes more and more popular network sites, however, how to optimize the emerge in an endless stream, and the promotion of the site, to improve website ranking, has become the most headache thing for you, the following is to solve this problem, on your own personal views.

in summary, optimization is to follow such a principle: let the user on your site to find the answer to the question when to let users think about the issue of the website I can think of you

three) in cooperation with the search engine. Such as the love of Shanghai open applications, through the development of technology, and fell in love with the sea in partnership, make your site out of the ordinary in the search list, so as to attract more visitors to click on your site.

two) to ensure the daily update site. To ensure the daily updated, this web page information to the spider crawling you love Shanghai, for example, a person who did not believe that for a long time, no one will want to go near him. In addition, update the content as far as possible is the original, only the original article love Shanghai will be more easily included and grab. It is favorable to increase the search rankings and included love Shanghai.

a good Links). If you can find some high quality website link, so you can come in and through other website visitors click a link to your site, you can also benefit the spider love Shanghai, the more the chain to grab more chance. A reminder, be sure to find some high quality site, a high quality website to dozens of low quality website function.

three) to the site of the internal links. Through this, can improve the site internal tightness, upgrade your PV flow.

In fact,

two) increase the chain and promotion. I believe that everyone should understand, in fact, is to make full use of the Internet platform, to the website, the forum published some of the topics, embedded links to your web site. In addition, can use all kinds of search engines, such as posting publicity column, love Shanghai encyclopedia, know, Post Bar etc..

two, do stand outside promotion

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