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then the old domain, the old domain seems to have many webmaster love, but here is not recommended for small enterprises. You may ask why? Good old domain has a high weight, and the search engine of the collected in time will be very easy, and there are so many outside the chain, Why not?? the author silly. Xiao Bian is not stupid, or take the matong贵族宝贝, if he is an old domain name, the weight is very high, the chain of tens of thousands, and registered for a few years, just bound on the space, not long after it was love Shanghai included. But there is one point, the chain will give you trouble, because the chain of the original site and the new site information will be more or less different, when people enter your web site, the chain will appear more or less of the original site, the content of the chain is good or bad, if not happened, your website it is necessary for the old site. ". For the enterprise website to build brand image is bad. I’m afraid no one will love the toilet three input after the words, it is the treatment of hemorrhoids beriberi. Oh, laughing.

to buy the domain name, domain name and registration of new small points to buy the old domain. First talk about the new domain name, I’ll give you an analogy, I sell the toilet, want to register a domain name to engage in e-commerce, I will first think of a registered matong贵族宝贝 domain name, the domain name for this benefit is Larry and contain the keyword and toilet, my business is mainly in the home, we search the Internet when the toilet will first search the keywords, but also suitable for domestic users recognition. Larry domain. Oh, I built a web site called the toilet net, the domain name matong贵族宝贝 could not fire? But note that Larry and with the keyword domain name to good, but like the maijingpinmatong贵族宝贝 domain name is paltrily, a domain name is too long for others to lose up trouble, two is not easy to search engine optimization page up the visitor, not love, love is not a search engine, we can not love.

with the development of Internet, electronic commerce has attracted more and more attention to business owners. The Taobao shop is equivalent to the enterprise marketing platform boss, do not expect too much, and many enterprises have opened their own company website. According to the statistics of small enterprises to establish a website, the other three objective: online sales of products, advertising and production services. Most of the enterprises (except IT industry) generally do not put put a lot of manpower and money in your own website, the most is to buy a domain name and space, let a website to find a technical program, responsible for the operation. The seemingly extensive, but limited to the strength of the business and website localization, so only. The following Xiaobian talk, enterprises need to pay attention to what the problem in registering a domain name. In the domain name purchase above Xiaobian not everybody detailed talk, the station has a lot of related articles, focusing on small talk about domain security problems and shortcoming.

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