Discussion Shanghai Dragon 3 era – the user experience

Then the In fact, [introduction]

search engine has been user centric, only in different periods using different techniques. Now the search engine technology is from link analysis to the "user centric" transition, the Shanghai dragon industry also started from the 2 to 3 transition. Because the text retrieval and link analysis is relatively clear, the "user centric" is a relatively vague concept, plus the Shanghai dragon industry has not completely changed from the age of 2, so we usually theory Shanghai Longfeng are exposed to more or 1 and 2 in Shanghai dragon the usual. Stand in the perspective of the development of the industry, if Shanghai Longfeng staff or only on page keyword density and how to send the chain of such problems, it will be Shanghai dragon industry slowly eliminated.

do not know what time from the beginning of Shanghai dragon also version, is divided into 1, 2 and 3. Browse some relevant articles online like this version is divided according to the search engine technology development three stages in history, although the Shanghai dragon version of the division is strange, but it is a good method to guide the staff to follow up the development of the times of Shanghai dragon. General search engine technology development so far can be divided into three stages: the first stage is the second stage of text retrieval; link analysis; the third stage is the user center. Which are correspondingly to the page stack keywords as the core of Shanghai dragon 1, with a large number of manufacturing chain as the core idea of Shanghai dragon 2, and to the user experience as the core research direction of Shanghai dragon 3.

Shanghai dragon 1 outdated, too much stack keywords has also been search engine cheating; Shanghai dragon 2 is slowly into the history of the chain still has great influence on the rankings, but the effect in the page rank of the share is gradually reduced, and the high frequency of search engine hit the garbage chain part of the chain, leaving Shanghai Longfeng personnel operating space is not great; Shanghai Dragon 3 is slowly coming, the search engine by text retrieval to the development of link analysis is to upgrade the quality of search results, with a surplus of Internet information and personalized search users upgrade, search engines are trying to slowly weaken links on the web page sort of, and more users join in the web search ranking requirement analysis and judge the quality of user experience " The factors.

page layout and the construction of the chain of Web site keywords ranking is also useful? The answer must be "useful", but with the development of search engine, the "useful" level will be reduced slowly. In order to adapt to the development of the industry, jump out of Shanghai Longfeng personnel should also start from the chain of the page layout, keyword density and to the history of Shanghai dragon direction, more to understand some mining search methods and ideas of the needs of users, and some factors to enhance the user experience of the page. Keywords construction layout and chain work >

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