The website editors need to consider the question how to do Shanghai Dragon

Four, pay attention to the application of ;

introduction: everyone for the website editor impression that the site editor is purely to write articles, it’s not a good article not only can solve the quality requirements, the needs of users, also need to pay attention to Shanghai dragon optimization skills, can help the website to get more long tail keywords ranking, long tail keywords competitiveness of small, easy to optimize, bring the flow is very accurate, so in order to get the desired effect of website marketing, the website editor must work, in order to play the best effect of Shanghai dragon, then website editor to do? The depth Xiaobian and carefully to:

search engines love original content, can not do every day unless the original content, is a professional writer, this time to learn how to do the pseudo original articles, false original article follow the "add", "change", "delete", "fight", have the ability to read, then according to their own understanding of the meaning of then, to write again, this article belongs to the high quality original article, if writing ability almost, with false original, copying others article, remove their format, re layout, beginning to end must write their own original, for the original content of each treatment, 1234 points. The content of the use of synonyms or explanatory description for the replacement, or some words or paragraphs of no great importance to delete, keep the fluency and reading articles .

in Shanghai dragon skillsThe

two, reprint good content must be clear

is not only the user, as well as to the search engine, only the search engines, "

, an updated content must focus on the needs of users of

this is a mistake that many companies exist, see others to write a good article, directly copied, even pictures of others also copied directly, this approach is easy to others. And the anchor text links together copied, such practice is not conducive to their website optimization, when reprint articles we must first, which saved in Notepad or in the network editor super toolbox, formatted, others remove hidden code, re layout, upload their own business related pictures, of course, occasionally reprinted articles can still remember every day, do not reprint articles, must have their own original article, let users see the new content, to attract users to click on

site of the purpose is to better attract and retain customers, to allow customers to love you, how to retain customers? That considering the nature of the content, users interested in the content, user centric, enterprise for their target customers concern, it is quite clear, users love the site the search engine, not love the truth, not only consider the user, and consider the search engine, natural site weight increased, the website ranking will be getting better and better;

format The

three, learn to use false original article writing skills

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