Where is the road of Shanghai Dragon

in a very long time ago, Shanghai dragon have unlimited scenery. It is a personal webmaster arena, through the website, the Shanghai Dragon technology, personal webmaster can single-handed Duchuang internet. On site, by ranking and traffic, family, buy a car will be nothing difficult. At that time, Shanghai dragon is the personal webmaster, individual stationmaster is Shanghai dragon, unlimited scenery. Today, rarely heard who said that he is a personal webmaster, and Shanghai dragon also don’t say you are outside Shanghai dragon.

4. the future of the Internet is in need of a full range of marketing, not just Shanghai dragon.

for the future ?

on the 5.29 day, foreign well-known Shanghai dragon website Shanghai dragon MOZ renamed MOZ, discard once a gilded signboard in Shanghai dragon.

from the beginning of 2004, Shanghai dragon MOZ started walking Shanghai Dragon Lake, participate in sharing and discussing Shanghai Longfeng knowledge. To 2006, Shanghai dragon MOZ has become a very popular web site. To 2009, Shanghai dragon MOZ team dropped the Shanghai Dragon Consulting and advisory services, to focus on the research of Shanghai dragon software. To 2013, Shanghai dragon MOZ renamed MOZ, abandon Shanghai Longfeng brand name.

4. we need to be able to control the overall Shanghai dragon thinking, make the product, editing, design, technology are integrated into the Shanghai dragon.

3. we need to enhance the comprehensive marketing ability, Shanghai dragon is only a part of marketing.

1. is no longer a pure Shanghai dragon company, business is no longer confined to the Shanghai dragon.


of Shanghai dragon? Why

2. we need to Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng not only send link.


3. Shanghai dragon misunderstood. At present, many people have misconceptions about Shanghai dragon, and ingrained. Shanghai dragon is not a glorious and great occupation, many people think that Shanghai is doing the Dragon spam links, soft mass people.

1. we need to focus more on a certain industry field, become a professional talent Shanghai dragon.

2. Shanghai dragon is no longer Shanghai dragon. For the website, marketing is the ultimate goal, Shanghai dragon only once is very popular and important way.

may, for the Shanghai dragon, unlimited scenery, partisan era is over. But Shanghai dragon will never end, search where there is a site of the Shanghai dragon, where there is Shanghai dragon. The Shanghai dragon can make a web site more accord with search engine and dual experience of users, the Shanghai dragon can make the main site better.

MOZ is no longer Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon

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