The website keyword advertising on PPC+ Shanghai dragon jump left remodeling strategy is preferred

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Title Creative description, mainly to reflect the strength of the hospital, technology, equipment, honor, expert and treatment methods, copy to be fine, and the atmosphere. The title and description of the number of words is limited, to achieve high conversion on a limited basis.

Keywords index

medical marketing increasingly rely on the network to bring real benefits, medical market is far from saturated, is essential for talent to learn. Briefly introduce below a single room site

1, the Title Creative description conform to no conventional pattern

bidding specialist wrote this kind of text, the amount is very large, often need to be adjusted, some departments in small and medium-sized hospitals or hospital again without the network, this work may give love Shanghai customer service staff to adjust, if you do this so that you may have your money to "dashuipiao" this is not alarmist. These important text display is closely related with customer directly. Especially the title, key words related to the embedding. Common title and creative description are embedded keywords is very effective, such as the Nanjing gynecology hospital appears in the title, so you can add keywords into other keywords or similar title. This is a great probability search.

keyword selection, usually in the core, the author believes that the medical website promotion combination is the most important PPC+ Shanghai dragon, PPC focuses on core vocabulary, Shanghai dragon focus on the optimization of the long tail keywords, so that each can reflect its advantage. The code design, layout, each hospital website is different, but overall is similar. In the premise of construction work in parallel, is the need of time how to emphasis on health promotion effect.

There are many

3, select distinct


4, the installation of the personnel selected

Write a

many run for the account of friends have friends on the bidding keywords index, Shanghai ranked love system of their own, there are a few words: his index according to the degree of creativity, the discretion of the bid and whether long-term investment bidding, the two do not say, the latter is a generalization of people ignored a lot of hospital. After a lot of hospital managers for bidding in found no effect immediately close the account or suspend, the overall index of keywords is extremely unfavorable. If you cast a love of Shanghai then had to let the oppressed, it is difficult to escape. We can only do fine in other ways.

pay per click promotion time why some website ranking will appear in the right instead of left? Pay per click (PPC) not because of your job must offer better than others in front of. No special commissioner to take care of the account and the bidding price is a specialist care cannot be mention in the same breath. Pay per click advertising mainly has two kinds: one kind of PPC, a advertising alliance. Advertising alliance controllable degree is relatively low, but the price does have a lot of human factors controllable. Related keywords ranking and sales conversion lower under brief analysis.


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