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news source, sometimes feel the news published a press release on the industry, the price also show the links, in addition to improve the visibility of the industry, for the industry to improve website weight is not much use! Now, a lot of open Internet industry, there is an advantage that the brand is richly endowed by nature. Keywords: online, has been well-known brand keywords on the Internet, no one can replace, because they are protected by patent and brand, the brand online website, user input brand name, it is easy to find the brand website, the premise is the brand website a little to do a little promotion. So, they want to promote themselves through more influential platform for the site outside the chain.

website? What is the Jingdong’s Web site? Maybe not everyone, then ask you Suning, Amazon Web site URL, and Eslite, millet, Gome, people贵族宝贝.cn, sina贵族宝贝.cn, NetEase…… You can say exactly what they say.? now find these sites, many navigation site has been ready for you, just click on it, in the mobile Internet more simple, a APP with a touch immediately jumped into the front of the user, who wants to enter the site!

The construction of the chain to buy

talk about things around, sitting on the bus to work every day, takes about 1 hours or so, in order to kill the boring time, to learn foreign language, so I want to buy a headset. Because the bus is noisy, so I want to buy a slightly better noise reduction headset, first I in Taobao’s search results or Italy, the price is too high, or cheap evaluation is not good, so to the search engine to find the love of Shanghai, to see a headset brand in Shanghai love Wikipedia, is the German brand, and the brand love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love Shanghai know that experience is the brand of the shadow, and went back to Taobao, enter the headset brand name, price evaluation and feel very satisfied, I bought the brand of the headset.

this process is somewhat cumbersome, but we have not noticed a problem, that is, the traditional "brand" for the website optimization, the construction of the chain is the corner of the site address sent to the Internet for all, but forget to let users easily remember more than the chain name — Chinese name a website

so, site in the construction of the chain have not thought of it, forget the website address, but to start shaping the website brand begin efforts. Taobao is the guest website to be remembered and real innumerable, the only beautiful, mogujie贵族宝贝 said, the two sites with a Taobao customer message, has done well known. So, besides some famous website industry, such as pig Witkey, originally pig and Witkey is two completely different words, but now in Shanghai love to input the pig, pig Witkey network will immediately appear on the home page.

!What is the Taobao

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