How to open the Shanghai dragon group meeting can be more meaningful

of course, this is just my own problems, also don’t know if anyone has met, also can according to their own situation, talk about how to open the Shanghai dragon group meeting? Report is to sum up the experience, find out problems, if not this effect. Is not only the significance of flow. This may be difficult to understand, every day we like finishing all kinds of Shanghai Longfeng data, but the data only, the data reflect what the vast majority of people can not see it, this is of no significance. Well, well, still talk about Shanghai dragon group meeting should be how to achieve

At the same time, the

1. to prepare, to establish a feedback platform

in Shanghai Longfeng people who work every day to face a variety of problems, possible problems are not new, but always appear. This leads to a lot of people do not know how to find the problem, the author of this deep feeling. In this case, we need to establish a feedback platform, the problems encountered in the work, at any time to record this platform. Then these often appear again not well resolved to get the group meeting to discuss. Instead of asking, there is no problem in the meeting of the group, in this case, if the team does not have a good atmosphere of discussion is the basic cause no problem. But the actual situation is not a problem to start.


for many people, especially in Shanghai Longfeng newcomers, and experience how to communicate is a problem. The sentence should not polite words "punch in the itch", every day there are so many problems, but at a time and do not know where to start, as there is no problem. In this case, Shanghai dragon group meeting on its leading role. In fact, we open the Shanghai dragon group meeting purpose is very clear, is for a week of work and problems do a summary, in order to promote the work of next week. But in fact this did not achieve the purpose, the problem is still work in progress or the continuation of last week. This meeting is not much significance.


platform is not only to feedback but also reflect the problems. For example, a chain of specialist team, we can at any time of the day – >


has a weekly group meeting has become almost all kinds of companies, associations and other habits, there is a small group will have a group meeting. The author also participated in the meeting of the group for a long time, has always rankled, because there is no real meaning what. The initiation of the "Shanghai dragon group meeting on how to open the". Maybe a lot of people in Shanghai Longfeng every day in the busy looking for new resources, learn new knowledge, find new knowledge in all kinds of Shanghai Phoenix Forum on the site, in fact is not ideal. Everyone can see that bad things. Forget the meeting is actually a very good communication platform. After all, Shanghai dragon is a live experience, experience can have their own accumulation and personnel exchanges.

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