On the eight Sina Home Furnishing combination of love Shanghai search marketing tricks (below)

as the network gateway to the leader, and China caused the largest search love Shanghai first large-scale innovation cooperation model has become the biggest in the history of innovation. Open + map + promotion + Encyclopedia +HAO123 Internet navigation + know + picture promotion, integrated ROI than a single marketing channel with more cost-effective, the final purpose is to let people into the brand Sina locke.


above an article on the fly: eight Sina Shanghai search marketing tricks Home Furnishing with love (on) Feifei analyzes four Sina Home Furnishing and love Shanghai search marketing tricks of the four points, and then analyze the other 4 points today.

love Shanghai know platform has been popular in Shanghai, love knows life section under the "home buyers" and "Home Furnishing specialist" two categories on the Sina Home Furnishing Advertising Association, will form a big spread of. If the user in Shanghai love to know about real estate, Home Furnishing mentioned problems, whether in solving the problems of Harbin in question answering page will embody Sina Locke brand, to the target consumer group segment classification.

love the Shanghai encyclopedia is an Internet think-tank, fully mobilize the power of the Internet, brought together hundreds of millions of users to share wisdom, Sina Locke in the Wikipedia co editor entry, can not only help the audience fully understand the brand website, but also make the information more convincing brand.

3. search marketing image promotion, improve the conversion rate.

this is only my personal some opinions, welcome everyone to communicate and discuss. Original author: Feifei (feather Apprentice) original address: www.sem0571贵族宝贝 starting A5, welcome Paizhuan, Shanghai senior exchange group 11209688>

1 search marketing love Shanghai encyclopedia, professional Web2.0 editor.

to improve the quality of love Shanghai know inquiry platform, help the users to quickly solve the housing problems of Home Furnishing, love Shanghai for Sina Locke dedicated to creating a group of experts know, open 6 expert ID from different angles and fields, forming a huge knowledge base, high credibility. I work in a Real Estate Company for nearly 3 years, has been in Shanghai know that sex, the effect is excellent.


4. Search Marketing Association know, brand of professional experience in qa.

2. search marketing experts know, professional interaction promotes the professional image.

"know, such as Wikipedia search and a relatively high degree of concern of the channels, improve the housing market, the real picture of real moreconvincing, so love Shanghai pictures of targeted people and a gathering place. If the user search keywords in the picture of "home" channel, the top search results appear in the "Sina house calculator" pictures, can direct users to import Sina Locke house calculator page, direct the evaluation rate to deepen.

In addition,

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