Some methods and techniques of the construction site within the chain.

let me share with you how to establish the website internal links: (website internal links to clarify, in website development time should fully consider the problem of

two, the website structure vertical, rather than flat. The website construction of vertical search engines can make you know the website is a "depth" (more content, search engine is more love has the connotation of the website).

in fact within the site chain in Shanghai Longfeng in importance is irreplaceable, it can correctly guide the search engine spiders effectively and quickly grab your web page, you can also enhance the user experience of the website. Because the search engine spiders in some aspects with the website user access is still quite like, because users will not go to think your site has very complex structure, only according to their wishes or is used to look for their own pay more attention to things.


three, two columns by home > > two level menu, the home page using > > > > two menu; the contents of the article, and add a link. It is easy to let the user know my position, at any time to arrive home, in addition to a demand note, don’t let users find what they need, the mouse hit number more than 4 times.

first I put in the definition of the chain. Make a vivid metaphor of Kazakhstan, if your website such as being a city, then the site of the internal links quality is to cross inside the city’s road, let the spider can be anywhere in the city arrived.

However, the Interface between

content and the chain, the ranking plays a great role in fact there in the construction of the chain, how to carry out internal links on the construction site? What needs attention? As people create Beijing travel network, I have some experience to share their views, hope to bring some help to you website optimization.

site navigation and reasonable, this is also very important for users, navigation website must take you to highlight things unfold, so as to let the user know features your website at the same time, a search engine is a very good guide.

five, the article and the article, for example, when we write a new article, the station referred to a previous page title. "

four, for your website design for a major search engine comparison love site map (sitemap).

to do a site is good, mainly to see what is the site traffic flow, and how much more is to look at the site in the rankings to love Shanghai.. How to improve website ranking naturally become the most concern for you website promotion staff topic. " the content is king, the chain for emperor " experience tells us that the original content and the construction of the chain is still the main task we have to do.

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