The breakdown characteristics of website search engine unfriendly, you shot it (on)

how do you say, for example, the purpose of the site is in the article. Your keyword is "good articles, inspirational articles, classic article, and your title is in the form of" XX Network – welcome you." This may be able to respect the user’s role, but this approach for the search engine is extremely unfavorable, because your title is not included in the corresponding keyword, the correct site title should be in the form of "the _ _ > Classic inspirational articles

for a lot of resources is not rich webmaster, Shanghai dragon is a key to increase site traffic, but also the promotion of their own in order to obtain the key strategy of visibility. Shanghai dragon, said the popular point is how to do to close the search engine, so as to get good rankings, so as to increase the flow, get their interests. Many Shanghai dragon Er are talking about and study how to optimize your website for search engines like. Everyone to study how to do to do the best, is not by this research could obtain good traffic? The website features friendly search engine and you know how many? In order to solve this problem, the author decided to feature several web search engine friendly is divided into two articles to say at this time, the first article, I hope to give deep in Shanghai Longfeng mire friends help.

for some owners, due to the Shanghai dragon and related knowledge is not enough, or be negligent problems, resulting in some sites do not set the relevant title. The site is a desperate need for patience and perseverance of the work. If you had a gun, then I congratulate you again, hey. I think, as a webmaster, site title should not be missed, is most likely to happen is in the title is not included in the relevant keywords.

if your heart is in Shanghai at the beginning of the dragon, and your site but with a large number of pictures and Flash media (Rich Media) form. So, I can clearly tell you, congratulations on your shot. Because this approach is wrong, is not very friendly to search engine. Why do I say that? You can refute the author’s point of view, but if you refute, so you can only master some basic knowledge of or for the Shanghai dragon is not enough.

site uses a lot of pictures and rich media forms, is not conducive to the search engine. First, this model is lack of text information, and to search engine, the most basic is the Shanghai dragon. Imagine a not enough text information of the site, how will become the search engine dedicated? So, if you are unfortunate shot, too late, according to their own development goals, adjust the structure of your site.

, a site with a large number of pictures and media in the form of


two, your site is heading? Whether containing effective keywords in the title of

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