Summarize the beginners the best Shanghai dragon strategy

site you have all in place keywords, it is then time to do a web page optimization. This is mainly about building links and links (or reverse it just a link to your site) is one of the most important part of the anchor text will be. This is the description of a link, what is often said of the website. Therefore, you should use the anchor text where your target keywords. However, only when the anchor text you can ask the site owner to use the required.

this is a basic strategy of Putian Shanghai dragon, you can follow, especially when you’re just starting in search engine optimization. Just remember to take your time, do not act with undue haste. Because you can usually through their own search engines faster, if you are not too ideal tactics to trouble.

In addition to The


link building well-off page optimization, you can try other. You can do social bookmarking. You can submit your website to the RSS feed RSS feed aggregation. You can also do video marketing.

you are just beginning, his own everything about SEO? If this is the first time you try to do a Putian website search engine optimization, then you could hardly be all the different search engine optimization strategy and technology, you can do. Don’t worry too much, because it is this article will provide a basic and effective process.

is just a quick reminder. Do not buy links. The major search engines do not love this strategy, you should go out and find in doing this, your site will be punished. How? If you don’t show in need of keyword search results site. If this happens, your website hits will definitely fall.

now you have your keywords, it’s time to put them in the right place. The most important part in the website each page title tags. Use the keyword is appropriate, as far as possible on the web content. This is why it is often the best way is to find the keyword you want, then according to the key words create content. However, if the content has been done first, then please as far as possible into the web site keywords, and in content. If you do not worry about keyword density?. As long as the title of the key word is, this should be enough for page optimization.

the first thing you should do is to study keywords. You should know by now, the most important part of any optimization is the key, you will position your site. So, how should you start? Think of a primary key, or commonly known as seed, and use it to start your research. You can use any keyword research tools, and have the free or paid version. And pay the great tools, these changes tend to provide you with the long tail keywords to search for you. But the long tail is a better, because there are the key terms of competition. But this is another topic.

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