The special action depth analysis of breadcrumb navigation in website optimization

two: the structure of the website are independent of each other not to cross the (important), there are many cross word content, then will achieve path web page content is not unified, multi user experience is not good, it will make the search engine that the bad state of chaos website structure. Based on the above two points, you should know, do not think that is the site should have bread.

: a site level is not more, relatively deep mechanism suitable for the site directory crumbs. If your site is a single page or only a layer, do nothing.

browsing the website, you will find a lot of websites have breadcrumbs, seems to be the site of the standard (but I still believe that many Shanghai dragon Er does not know the truth, bread crumbs) but we need to understand that not all sites are suitable for breadcrumb navigation. The following conditions can use

we all know when the site in the basic setup, breadcrumb navigation optimization is a very important link in the website optimization, website breadcrumb navigation is not indispensable, but for users, can quickly understand your current location on the web site, and very convenient to return to the previous menu. The Shanghai dragon optimization, ensure the page structure on the weight of the entire station at all levels within the chain support circulation oriented: the more the higher the level of web pages from the bottom of the page, the chain in the structure of the support is the least. However, the "breadcrumbs" which have specific meaning for the internal web site optimization is. Shanghai dragon river today and share site optimization "breadcrumbs"

, what is the breadcrumb navigation

two, set the breadcrumb navigation conditions: what sites suitable for bread crumbs

white bread crumbs is to tell the user where you are and how you can quickly return to the page, usually in the form we see is this: "home page column page > > three class >…. > why details page called "bread crumbs, the concept of fairy tales from Haensel and Gretel " " the story, when Haensel and Gretel through the forest, accidentally lost, but they found along the way through the place all over the bread crumbs, let these bread crumbs to help they find the way home, so the breadcrumb navigation function is currently in the website told their visitor location, purpose is to help you come back and how to return, can also be understood as: Ha bread like a layer, ha ha. At present, we often see the "home page column page > > page" structure, a maximum of not more than 5 layer limit! Rational organization directory settings allows users to easily find their location and can ensure the weight of the column page column after the classification levels not too dispersed.


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