Website optimization into the era of social love Shanghai + Sina micro-blog to help you double flow

Hello, I do not know so long time no see, do you still remember the technology, this time we have been concerned about the Internet technology, to make friends with A5 again to discuss to improve site traffic.

As shown in figure

, we visited the technology website in March 3rd is about two times in February 29th, we easily doubled the desire of site traffic.

, and just love Shanghai Tencent micro-blog, NetEase micro-blog made real-time search results show that cooperation, however, we can find that the search results in love Shanghai Tencent micro-blog only real name authentication of the user, the door card son will limit many friends at the door. However, the most experience in technology found that sina micro-blog search results not only authentication user name, there is a large part of micro-blog Master, real-time search and even a certain activity, the number of fans, micro-blog Sina micro-blog amount of content can also be included in the cable to love Shanghai.

technology combined with the most of the popular iPad 3 listed on the news released a micro-blog, real-time search results will soon be included in the love of Shanghai, then we combine the Windows 8 popular IT technology news, released a number of micro-blog. Because the topic is novel, no matter from the search volume or click traffic is what I think, the sudden appearance of the double flow phenomenon, previously we still don’t know the reason, but later found the view is Sina micro-blog brings flow of love Shanghai statistics.

Prior to

we have always believed that society would be a big trend after the development of the Internet, so the Shanghai dragon ER in website optimization and search rankings should also be inclined to this product, to meet the trend of the times are often able to get more opportunities. Finally, I wish our A5 friends can be like most scientific and technology blog 贵族宝贝zuitech贵族宝贝, through Sina micro-blog, the website traffic doubled.

yesterday, many Shanghai dragon ER may like us science and technology personnel, have noticed a message, "the love of Shanghai Sina micro-blog search on-line real-time". Real time search service love Shanghai integration of sina micro-blog content online. Love Shanghai in its search results and real-time display of the latest Sina micro-blog keyword related content. This is the first time micro-blog Sina search engine and the third party cooperation. The user through the love Shanghai query news, unexpected events, hot topics and other related keywords, Sina micro-blog content will be presented in the "love Shanghai micro-blog latest results, users can also click more convenient for users to enter, timely sharing from micro-blog’s text, pictures and links to the latest content.



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