The rapid increase of website success

how to query the web site included in case I don’t have much to say, the use of site I think everyone knows better than I have, I maintain a group purchase website, the website name here is not to say, in order to avoid suspicion of advertising, a long period of time. Site, love Shanghai only included the front page of the site other pages, not included, but this phenomenon has lasted for a long time, has been in the online consultation with a lot of friends, but we are saying is all kinds of, although we say the truth, but I think these skills are your own point of view, to solve the fundamental problem is not included site conditions starting from their own circumstances, according to their own situation to decide how to solve the problem of identifying the root cause of the problem, I want to use the medicine of the sentence should be called " ", but not an antidote against the disease; becoming a sick, so I will be the first web log file download down, found the problem by checking the log, website page spider crawling records rarely, basically are in the home turn and then jump out, so that what a problem? For this phenomenon in my website do the following work:

website friends are clear, get the premise is the website ranking search engine can be included in our website, I think many of my friends have not included site problems, encountered such a problem is indeed a very troublesome thing, then we should be how to solve this problem? How should we to deal with the search engine not included in the website, some time ago I also encountered similar problems, and has achieved initial results, share.

internal link is to make every page of the website can free the connection, convenient for customers to freely browse multiple pages, so that search engines can understand every page of the website is very important, the optimization work within the chain is very important, a good chain can be much like spider.

production site map

site map perhaps many of my friends do not have to go to better use, here said the site area is not only the XML format, the site map for love Shanghai search engine should be HTML format, so the rational use of the site map HTML format, a better index of love Shanghai spiders crawl web content.

rich website chain

original content can be said to be the search engine favorite food, highly popular search engine, adhere to every day of the original new content to update the content of the website, the website can not only enrich the framework, but also allows the search engine to feel your website is more perfect, will look at every day.

adhere to the above thing about a week, pay a return, included page one page from the previous to more than 120 pages at present, and every day in the increasing new included, these are my site included a rapid increase of.

I want to

The original content of

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