The website of Shanghai Longfeng Chinese and foreign chain optimization release skills

posted linksAs the saying goes, "

four, pay attention to the quality of the chain of

chain is different, so the website optimization role will vary, in the release process of the chain in which we should have a certain degree of diversity. Because of the diversity of the anchor text is different keywords to URL, can reduce the search engine for excessive optimization, the optimization of cheating some adverse discrimination. Hyperlink has extended the role of the domain, domain users love and willing to reprint, and reprint will appear after a large number of natural chain, so the relevant domain more weight, then give the natural site will be higher.

two, high weight, high quality

Three, pay attention to

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster just released outside the chain, the quality of the chain to ignore, so even if you are outside of the chain is released in goods Taiwan high weight, but quality is not.

Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together. fish look for fish, shrimp, shrimp turtle find, find the bastard." The "fish for fish and shrimp to shrimp is targeted, and find the tortoise bastard" is correlation. It is to tell the webmaster, in the chain should pay attention to its own website and the content of the chain and the chain to release the site if there are targeted and relevant, don’t have any relevance and relevance of the chain out, if a webmaster has done outside the chain, then the site drainage will be very few the weight, and delivery will be reduced. On the other hand, the site and the chain content correlation is stronger the higher the content of quality and weight gain.

since we choose to use the third party platform to drainage for their own website, the website links to the sustenance of the others on the site, then you have to choose high weight and authority of the high degree of website. Because we have only the chain high weight platform included the value only, it has a certain degree of security, if we often choose some pieces of Taiwan released, there are a lot of instability, if the day of the collapse of the platform, then we released before all the chain will be the value of time. So the choice of platform is really very important, relates to whether the chain effectiveness and life cycle, need attention.

2015, the love of Shanghai is still ranked the largest search engine of the throne, and in order to provide better resources for people, love Shanghai algorithm also has been constantly adjusted, especially the green line and the chain algorithm refused to officially open bate tools, let more Shanghai dragon Er began to question the meaning of the existence of the chain. Speaking of the chain, a lot of people in Shanghai dragon correlation should be very familiar with, because the search engine ranking is the most important for the station optimization and stood outside optimization algorithm, outside chain is mainly outside the station optimization. If we put the site to a court, for the major content in internal affairs, the chain is expanding its territory, expand the influence of the website to marshal.

website theme type

, a chain for diversity

Form platform

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