The role of H1 in the Shanghai dragon label

following the above two conditions do next, tell you how to add h1.

H1 H2, these are only some very basic HTML language, which is used by H1-H6 to control the title format, just as the search engine update, we gradually discovered H1, H2, H3 influence on Shanghai dragon, but today is from Lao Li said that whether LOGO and H1 speaking.

portal or local portal:

Li did not care, so has been reviewing page structure, has no intention on a H1 setting to see, then search on the H1 setting, basically is to support some Public opinions are divergent., logo and H1, some say influence weight, but the old Li Zuotian made a careful analysis, in fact, how to set up, how to set, can not move others need an antidote against the disease, the method.

and so on many local websites, because it involves the content very much, so the location of key words may not be limited to one or a few words, so in a bad combination >

for the logo set H1, if it is to go fine line site, such as local treasure, reputation, SouFun, the website content and only focuses on a class of products, so the home page logo add keywords to station will play a role. If it is left portal or local portal, not recommended for logo to add keywords, or similar NetEase, like Sina, plus the name of the web site, but this way is suitable for the brand, local portal content is relatively complex, keywords may be many, so plus but not conducive to the promotion of "weight.

Shenzhen City hotline hotline, such as

usually in the design of static pages, the union put the title in terms of H1, so do not set too much code, the search engine will think H1 is mainly a prominent place recently found a lot of people in addition to logo H1, is said to increase the weight, Lee also tried to do some effect, but set some problems, so from a little off. In June, Lee tried to page Title to the logo alt, and logo to add a H1, as shown, in any case, page toss, weight words is always home Title.


such as housing, real estate, real estate information, bringing together around the real estate leasing, the sale of property, can be added to the logo keyword in alt, such as the only real estate keywords, and through logo combination can transfer through various channels composed of real estate leasing, the sale of real estate, real estate in Shenzhen and so on, so for fine website, suggested that H1 to logo, but the increase keyword must be carefully considered, otherwise easily lead to reaction.

fine website:

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