Thinking about Shanghai dragon forum operations

for rectification notice Shanghai dragon WHY forum, the teacher Cardiff is to contain in order to release the chain and the registration of such behavior in the future of the new registered users, this approach is correct. But those who have registered users? Information to compare the value of most of the senior members of other releases are not high. If only to increase the new user management, while allowing high level users "will gradually lose, play the gangster" heart "".

if a Shanghai dragon forum each member is updated after the end of the chain in a hurry to leave, then this will never be active, Shanghai dragon forum itself is to we can exchange and discuss the current hot topic, Shanghai dragon knowledge sharing. Shanghai dragon industry about the skill of or on the algorithm are in constant change, Shanghai release "love is now linked to the sale behavior in Webmaster Platform remind, selling links will also hit" announcement, search outside community have initiated a discussion of "love of Shanghai began to strictly crack down link behavior. Yuan Fang, how do you see?". There is the real name network marketing forum with micro-blog to launch the discussion, which can improve the active degree of membership, but also plays a promotional role.

famous Shanghai dragon forum is repeated visits to have a higher and higher number of users. A5 forum is on the second and the high weight links can attract users to publish the article, Shanghai dragon WHY forum is on board and more teacher Cardiff fame; home owners forum by webmaster tools and high quality of the chain. But the forum content high? That is not to send the chain and copying others article. If you want to get the healthy development of Shanghai dragon forum, I think at least to do the following.


Shanghai dragon forum now content may not say what value, not what can be.

, initiate discussions, improve the forum activity



two, the original article to strict punishment

and A5 forum and other well-known forum have closed membership to do the task this fast upgrade this function. As we all know, the general forum released the chain is to have certain privileges before they can be released, shut down the rapid upgrade function is to let some of the newly registered members can not obtain permission to release the chain in a short period of time. However, these measures can change the Shanghai dragon forum for the fall of the release of the chain to the fact? Shanghai Longfeng forum can no longer produce spam

from the Shanghai Phoenix Forum close to the light of love Shanghai garbage chain crazy attack, some kind of anti Shanghai dragon forum a change. Take the search forum, October, teacher Cardiff in the forum issued a "Shanghai dragon WHY forum rectification notice" notice.

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