Feather is how to do the first Hangzhou Shanghai Dragon

say a small problem, just contact WP blogs are not familiar with, I think since it is Shanghai dragon learning to communicate our this blog, then added to the URL of Shanghai dragon, so add a connection setup in fixed / / Shanghai longfeng. In retrospect, it is a stupid mistake, on the one hand, my post URL address a directory, such as "feather: health website optimization chain construction" / > Shanghai

was also the first contact with the wordpress blog, see the video tutorial for a long time, your local me for a long time, spent a day time to build blogs and basic settings. Blog template is the Internet to find, is Xiaohan brother WP Dreamweaver template, modify the content, Xiao Han in Dongguan of Shanghai dragon and share Shanghai dragon and network marketing skills blog tribute to thank you for providing such a good template, Xiaohan blog is a blog of Shanghai dragon is very good and very to the force, he WordPress technology is very powerful, in the morning of our Shanghai dragon blog he made a WP to do with the mall, stunned group in large.

blog announcement said: blog created in September 4, 2010, set up a blog at the beginning of Italy is in line with YY lectures, lectures to the students a better communication platform, but also to make more Shanghai Longfeng optimization, website design, website promotion Internet enthusiasts exchange Shanghai Dragon technology. Web optimization experience and network marketing, design, welcome to have the same hobby friend exchange.


or go back to my blog, and then made a novice common mistakes, no planning is good site home page title, key words directly on the line. The first title is: Hangzhou Shanghai dragon, Hangzhou site optimization promotion, Hangzhou Shanghai phoenix feather blog. Not for a week that is not very good, don’t play the love Shanghai word segmentation technology, optimize the words is relatively small. So he changed the title, I also changed for keywords, description did not escape me this hand. This change is very bleak consequences: love in Shanghai released the first time I have observed included, is the old title. But because Google included fast, change too fast, is the new title. And wait until the Shanghai love the title update to the new version of the time is October, the snapshot also has not kept pace, love of Shanghai small update only once. But changed the title benefits or very large, through the love of Shanghai word, same words inside the keywords optimization more meaningful.

Oh, is the title of the party, but the blog since February " Hangzhou Shanghai dragon " feather ranked first, I mainly want to through this article that history of the blog, is also small and review summary. The article will be relatively long, many are also a lot of details, is a journal, if readers can benefit from it, it will be better, welcome to communicate with a message. First, there are pictures and the truth:

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