Analysis of examples where the soft outside the chain of charm

can be seen from the figure, the station love Shanghai traffic in general, the more recent snapshot, included better. A very ordinary station optimization.

wideThe construction of

adhesive A station, although the author diligently in the B2B platform for the construction and classification of the chain, but on the whole, the chain obviously decreased, indicating the survival rate of the chain is not high or not long. The Changsha website B station, although I only put up dozens of article, the chain has become a growth trend and remained stable through the comparison, the author draws the following conclusions.

the station flow though little, but I never take care of at least two months of the station, no content updates are no construction of the construction of the chain, but some keyword ranking remains strong, as shown below.

three, A and B website

two, by the soft chain optimization Website B

A is the author of a station last year website optimization, keywords for high temperature glue on station according to the traditional technique, three, a more original article, do the chain; outside the station, released a large number of B2B and the chain classification. The station of Shanghai Longfeng data are as follows.


, 2 degrees

By contrast

chain is a topic of whether Shanghai Longfeng a commonplace talk of an old scholar, novice or veteran, can express their views on this topic. This paper is about theory, starting from the actual case of the operation, use the data to illustrate the problem.


, by contrast, A stations are key words Web page ranking, such as high temperature sealant. Through the chain of soft B site construction, in addition to home page keyword ranking, the channel keyword page ranking is also good. Keywords high temperature glue A station B station is far less than the difficulty of keywords Changsha website construction, time and energy optimization and A station optimization cost is far greater than B, the effect is the opposite. Through the love of Shanghai Webmaster Tools chain query results can explain some problems.

1, high survival rate of

, a traditional optimization technique A

routine manual chain, because the optimization of the staff effort, generally only focus on dozens of platforms, such as the optimization of high temperature glue A station, its main chain domain name will not exceed 150. Through the soft outside the chain optimization B station, its main chain domain far exceeds the A station. Secondly, the soft chain after the launch, there will be the source of news, forums, enterprises.

AB station love Shanghai Webmaster Tools chain trend, the author found that the survival rate of the soft outside the chain of more long.

Comparison of

B is also the last station website optimization, keywords competition degree is large, for Changsha website construction. Because the site construction is not the main business of the company, the company is the main push of glue and other chemical products, so the optimization of the station did not spend a lot of time. It put a lot of soft means of operation optimization, about 27 of the A5 platform at B station is soft, Shanghai dragon data are as follows.

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