Jining information port and love have to say the secret of Shanghai

The safety and stability of

website operation is stable or not is very important, if the site space is not stable, will lead to love Shanghai snapshot site is K or even serious consequences. I have not changed in the past two years, although the access speed is a bit slow, but just two years there had been a breakdown, and in less than 5 hours has been restored.

is the first comparison I use server stability.

I have imperceptibly a website of Jining information port has been done for two years, although it has been to PR 4 (in fact a year ago to 4), the love of Shanghai was also included in more than 3000, but I have to admit that this is indeed a legend in the garbage station. Because I created this site from the beginning has not been managed, the content is mostly the collection, pseudo original accounts for only a small part of the original is almost zero. But refuse to refuse to meet my friend you will find my website snapshot for two years has been maintained at 24 hours. Many of my friends want to know I keep love Shanghai snapshot of the secret, here we simply said Jining harbor is how to keep the snapshot.

third website template without any adjustment.

The internal structure of the Links weight The reverse link of Although

reverse link information port of Jining is not very much, but Jining harbor never used mass, I when I was browsing the web and leave the chain from time to time. This is not a fast growth speed let the chain site, two is the increase in the chain is regular. At least, at least, we did not cheat, so the search engine to our good impression.

at the beginning of the site I decided to choose DZ7.0 as the station program. Stability and security on the DZ, you know. Click here to thank Kang sheng. Due to the stability and safety procedures, within two years of program operation error rate is zero, zero rate is linked to the horse. This is to ensure that one of the reasons for Jining information port snapshot.

second is I use the program.

webmaster tools check, you can see, the 80% site Links Jining information port is relatively new snapshot, the weight of relatively high site. Although Links has no effect on the love of Shanghai domain, but these Links generally have a higher weight and a new snapshot, that is to say they have a group of hard-working spiders, these spiders snapshot direct stimulation and maintenance of Jining information port. These Links of Jining.

We all know that

fourth sites are choosing to do

fifth sites are high

site of a wide range of adjustment of the search engine is the most angry, because you change the frame of website, search engine to your page re rating, to modify the database, it will greatly influence your website snapshot update. So, Jining harbor from set up to now, only this one set of templates.

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