Love is Shanghai K don’t be afraid to admit mistakes is the key

this article hopes.

3 years later, I began to work, because work in a Internet Co, so they began to contact the Internet, the Internet 3 years ago and now the Internet that is the difference between heaven and earth, now what stations, what black hat, what volume acquisition, what pseudo original, compared with the when the network is simple. Not so much cheating atmosphere.

now take over a company’s website, is a talent recruitment website. Leading to considerable pressure ah, 3 months do love Shanghai home, but if successful gave themselves a raise. I started a "learning" method is fast website ranking, acquisition, is mass, at the start of the 7 day Shanghai included thousands of good performance, can be on the eighth day, the site was completely K. I know this is a dead end, but also hold a mood to do station. Love of Shanghai is made out of people’s website, can not be so "two". Because the company’s website, all cannot give up, or even their jobs are a problem. Then I slowly manually add a written information, not to the mass of the chain, a month later gradually began to love Shanghai, in terms of the home page. I want to share with you a new experience: honestly do stand, love Shanghai will treat you. I think I’m the only day to keep the original content, occasionally some soft hair. The company’s website will have a good ranking.

3 years ago, I through self-study, opened a School Forum web site, then that as long as do a website can earn a lot of money, ha ha, I believe that many owners had just do when he was with me an idea! Before I love Shanghai not included much publicity, what Post Bar, Wikipedia know, BBS signature, blog, as long as they are able to stay outside the chain where I have to go. Can be said to get in by every opening. The beginning of love Shanghai collection is very good, that time may not love Shanghai now so "smart", included when just one month to 5000, for a school forum site is considered a good result. At that time, I began to imagine the monthly advertising revenue for hundreds of GG, ha ha. Can the fact is not like that, not only happy for a few days, all of a sudden love Shanghai included only a home, but also do not know the reason of hair of the chain, but also suspected of the chain is not doing enough, and began to crazy hair the chain, everyone knows the consequences and directly by K. After this bitter blow, I had no contact website that thing.

Hello, I am Abu. Just 3 years ago when admitted to university began to pay attention to the internet. Just because of curiosity, I see a lot of web interface ugly but people traffic, I will study the reasons for their own. At that time Shanghai Longfeng not now so fire. I do not know what is the Shanghai dragon. A casual and a head of the QQ, from then on, I started the road of the webmaster.

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