Do Shanghai dragon from the user’s perspective, the user that is really good

from the user’s point of view to do Shanghai dragon is to do user experience. Here the user experience includes several points: 1, 2, the use of color design, the quality of the content of 3.

the establishment of the target is not clear, do not know this website to do what, just want to do the traffic to make money. So don’t have to consider this issue, but the problem is your website survival important point. Any one of the users search information on the Internet is that they want to solve the problem, if your website content is presented just for him to solve this problem, then the user will be on your site. If the content of your website does not solve the problem for him, he is not deep impression on your web site. Let me give an example: if the user A, he search "site optimization service" in the search engine, the search engine returns the first page content information includes: providing the services of the company name, company, address, contact information, service case, service period, quotation and website optimization related information other related content. In the search engine results second pages of content information is simply introduced and some news and information company. That is obviously the first site presents to the user’s content for the user to solve this problem. Second the content of the website is not. So the search engine will think the first website can be better for the user to solve the problem of website optimization service ", the ranking is good. We do Shanghai, too, as long as it can solve the problem for the user to provide effective information for the users, our website in search engine ranking will be good. The title of the document ranking is not good because of this reason, wide of the mark. This page also further deceive search engine, will be a serious punishment of the search engine. Here we all understand for the user to solve the problem, the Shanghai dragon how important.

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also has a very simple and clear statement, we do this in the Internet on the user experience that is: how do you think is cool, how we do. Indeed, only the user can truly know your user experience doing. If a web site to a user do not want to go to the second times, the proof of your website to do badly, the user does not love, search engine is no love.

, your site users can solve the problem of what

on the Internet, there is a word we are not unfamiliar, that is: user experience. The definition of user experience in Wikipedia is: user experience (User Experience, referred to as UE) is a kind of pure subjective user use the product process in built up feeling. But for a clear definition of the user groups speaking, the user experience is the common through good design experiments to realize.

from the user’s point of view to do Shanghai dragon, but also to do the following two points, but I think the more important points.

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