Hematemesis share website optimization five steps

cool original, starting ADMIN5, please keep the chain.



ER in Shanghai Longfeng website optimization, have learned a lot about Shanghai Dragon technology although before, but when the real time receiving website, do not know how to start the optimization, Shanghai dragon details very much, do not know the first optimization which part here is to summarize the optimization of my personal experience.

five: reverse link strategy

keywords can be regarded as the optimization of the whole site in the soul, if it is the wrong choice early keywords, so after work is in vain, so the location of the web site keywords is the most important step, here can use third Fang Gong, for example, Shanghai love love Shanghai related search index Google keyword tool, etc..

two: the internal structure of the internal structure of


2, although the rich content is very important, but do not be collected, must be appropriate to add original content, after the website with original content, its weight, ranking will slowly increase, the search engine has now for the original content of the website are given a certain weight.

This paper consists of

four: "the details of the optimization

website optimization five: just follow the steps to implement, believe that the site can be achieved in an unexpected level, each Shanghai dragon ER should avoid, optimize the site must be in accordance with the plan to implement.

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