Another way to the shallow layer of Shanghai Dragon

through 2 steps

what is the article of shallow, I explained as follows: to reduce the content of the page to grab a spider crawling depth, can be increased for the capture of the spider page entrance, can play a great exposure Shanghai dragon manipulation.


article on the shallow layer, is a new task to Shanghai dragon, now Shanghai Dragon Technology stagnated, I hope to have more technology, but not the unchanged for thousands of years.

3, because it is through the shallow layer, so it had a label classification, give more

2, the increase of independent shallow classification, all the love of spiders in Shanghai can reach

4, better if this article is concentrated forms of love Shanghai, love Shanghai included, the spider will for all articles blog continuously updated index by the previous database.

in our daily operation, also use a lot of the technique of shallow, but we have no specific classified he summarized and even with a gimmick. After Guangzhou Shanghai dragon blogger constantly try to find the shallow for Shanghai dragon’s great meaning, like the original article, such as the high quality chain.

then, I’ll mention the navigation, navigation can not only play the role of navigation for users, more conducive to the article of shallow. For example, A5 forum, webmaster BBS is directly on the navigation some plates on the one hand for Adsense irrigation, is a key to exposure. My blog also used this, in my blog article navigation on the list of the list of all the basic classification.

spider crawling entrance

address: 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon

1, the home strip spider love Shanghai not climb, seriously affected the early articles collected again, resulting in weight loss of old content pages.

Zhu Hui’s blog (www. Shanghai dragon as an example: the blog page increases the various forms of the list, such as random article list, the latest articles list. This is our most common article shallow techniques, basically all the web sites use this form, just because it is accustomed to being overlooked the importance of the road to Jane, these are actually Shanghai dragon predecessors have passed down that is deeply rooted in our minds of Shanghai. Phoenix technology.

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I finally say is an important article of how to do professional shallow, do the gray cap. In my blog as an example, I created the shallow classification of articles, each over a period of time I will article together as an article published. Why do so, the reasons are as follows:

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