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Spring Festival holiday has ended, thanks to an old age for everyone, more than the rest of bucket for half a month, finally come to work, excited, half a month to rest at home, I also think about some situation about fighting the Shanghai dragon, in 2012 the Shanghai dragon industry, more than that is relatively large bucket turbulence a year. Although more than a bucket novice rookie, but by intuition, I believe that the 2013 Shanghai dragon fight, only ranking industry is no longer so simple, all in the 2012 industry turmoil inspires us to break through to change.

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is more than a bucket can think of, not necessarily comprehensive, this knowledge will reach the point of fighting, more than that is not difficult, in addition to other skills, such as the Shanghai dragon, analyze data, make optimization scheme and so on these talks on the net is more, more than fighting to stop drilling.

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so, 2013, continue to adhere to the Shanghai dragon do we need to learn what

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?Shanghai dragon

network is not only suitable for Shanghai dragon, Yu Dou believe any industry needs the strong network support, network is the interpersonal relationship embodies people’s popularity, social relations. Many people think that people often used for political or commercial areas, but in fact, no matter what the industry, everyone will use the network. Shanghai Longfeng industry contacts, more than that bucket connections in the powerful Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon market through what we get? How visibility started? How to get the optimal order? These problems after you have powerful connections is very simple, all of which are needed to support your excellent technical advice, just join the rookie to see more local forum and Shanghai Longfeng well-known forum, with a high degree of active Shanghai dragon QQ group, participate in activities related to the performance of their own, let everybody.


basic skills


many people see this may laugh: Shanghai dragon also need skills? It is post sub top post, do false original? More than bucket tell you, no! It was behind the Shanghai dragon skills, before 2012, Shanghai dragon may only need to master these can do a good job, but in 2013, the is the introductory skills, if you really want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, you need to know more of the Shanghai dragon skills, these skills do not require you to master, but to understand, at least to see, will be the basic application:

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