After the 2012 Shanghai dragon world what happened

in 2013, the most obvious feeling is that a lot of Shanghai Longfeng chain is not good, generally included a lot worse than before. Many people even give up the construction of the chain optimization, focus on the station. Many of them reflect the chain of time in the forum, as long as the link appears, it cannot be love Shanghai included, only on the signature inside. In fact, the second half of 2012, as long as the spearhead is love Shanghai update to clean up the garbage outside the chain, a lot of foreign chain to raise the threshold. Compared with the traditional blog, forum, classification of information chain chain is popular, now mainstream fashion seems has undergone great changes, the most obvious is to pay for the chain growth, especially the news source. Now the Shanghai dragon nearly every day to the promotion of soft outside the chain of traditional news, classified information website also provides a number of high-quality pay chain service. This let the free known Shanghai Longfeng increased cost. The chain chain structure of news source of some popular industries such as medical sites in even accounted for 90%.

in the chain is the biggest change in the news source, also has a big change, is more clean than before in. The medical industry, just open a medical website now, will find the contents will be more concise, readable and relatively strong, independent content decreased obviously, independent within the chain is also reduced, the content of the text basically can keep clean. The future direction of development, website content is still the most basic evaluation index, optimization of the excessive phenomenon will be less and less. This is not what it is worth reminding. >

this change, can not be said to be a kind of progress, but there is a suspicion of chaos. Because this is not essentially a kind of optimization, but a kind of crazy marketing. This hurt the interests of many grassroots Shanghai dragon, who have the money to throw money to buy the news source, then hire a group of people bombarded the popular keyword. As long as the news source weight is high enough, you can basically even the second row to the first page, so will take some to do the optimization of the web site of a sudden squeeze down, this is very unfair to the grassroots, Shanghai dragon. This phenomenon is currently popular in the medical industry is most common, many well-known medical institutions to take the news source of the ride, tightly stuck in the front pages. I think this is the user does not want to see, in the moral level, love Shanghai should also strengthen supervision in this regard.


in Shanghai’s annual meeting, Robin Li summed up the 2012 love Shanghai’s performance, said 2012 was the most difficult year love Shanghai. In fact, if you want to depend on the love of the vast Shanghai Shanghai dragon, 2012 is Shanghai dragon are the most the most difficult year. In 2012 the search market is really too much turmoil, 2012 love Shanghai is subject to changing moods get the majority of Shanghai, dragon sisters.

then, after 2012 Shanghai love to what happened in Shanghai dragon? Put forward how requirements for the future of Shanghai dragon

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