At the beginning of the campus, what is the reason for me in Shanghai dragon


Shanghai Longfeng for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a method to improve the website in the relevant search engine within the natural ranking of the current way of using search engine rules. Objective to understand the Shanghai dragon is to provide ecological type of self marketing solutions for the site, let site occupies a leading position in the industry, so as to obtain brand earnings. Although not completely understand the concept of it, but the general know its meaning. This is my initial understanding of the Shanghai dragon. < >

a chance, my classmates and I went to speed Internet interview. Fortunately we had the interview was a success, but she was assigned to other departments, not a few days left. But I think, should insist on it, just enter the society will certainly encounter bad things, will also have a lot of difficulties and troubles, but as long as you hold on, will be solved, and we must know many things, broaden their horizons. So I settled down, continue doing clerical work. The human resources manager later said to me the optimization. Let me learn more about some things, broaden their horizons.

The first Shanghai dragon

last year this summer just out of the campus to the society but also nothing, but a beautiful dream, hope the community can bring you some different feelings. That graduation means unemployment, listening, thinking, can not be reconciled, but also worried about. Worried about their own future, I can have a job you love, can gain a foothold in this society, whether we can make some contribution to the family. Although there are many problems, but as long as seriously, slowly, everything will be past.

?The Chinese translation of the full name of Search Engine Optimization

but to tell the truth, I really do not understand what the most basic, do not understand, but as the company’s employees, should also obey the decision of the company, and also crustily skin of head into the optimization. However, a really really do not understand, what is the Shanghai dragon, what is what to do?? but at the same time to see other working there, feel envy, but also ashamed, embarrassed, after all, what also do not understand. But since come, must start from the most basic, also want to know from the beginning of the most basic, it is what begin from Shanghai dragon.

I think about Shanghai Longfeng or from Shanghai Longfeng began WHY, love this forum very much, because he did not have any concept of Shanghai dragon, only through the search to know is what? Why? What do

is not highly educated, good diploma, hard evidence, but still can not stop trying to learn to work the faith. With accounting resume, ask a few companies, also interviewed a few, but still feel what shortcomings, is not what you want, but don’t know what they really want, just want to start with a satisfying place.

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