Optimization of Shanghai Longfeng personnel must know

view the site itself

the world’s largest industry, now the industry is not only the previous three hundred and sixty. Every industry can have their own website, in time to get a new website, to do is to check the basic information website. Such as: there is no 404 error page, site map, site layout is conducive to the optimization, domain registration information, there is no dead links such problems. Keywords positioning and then you will see is the site is reasonable, a snapshot of the site included the chain and other information. (if no website, is to start from the registered domain name)

again, the chain increased


second, update the content of the website

Shanghai dragon knows a word: content is king, the chain for the emperor. Reflects the elements, namely: the website rankings included, snapshots and chain. To update the content in order to increase the amount collected snapshot website to update the site, increase the site within the chain. Outside chain is a necessary premise for the weights of the website. When Google saw guide link to your website in particular and weight is also very high so he will think you this site is a high degree of concern, will give a relatively low weight. The high weight included many, new snapshot, the number of ranked outreach not up to.

in the face of boring work to find a sense of achievement can not continuously use the tool to check the website information, spiders are time crawling, love Shanghai update is not always updated, as long as your execution execution reached high enough to complete a week. Once, then you can find some small fruits of their pay. As the Shanghai dragon after we finished the day’s work is to make a summary and plan. Summarize the contents of the day’s work, planning tomorrow’s work plan. Not only will not feel that they do not know what to do, but also can improve the work efficiency. (this article by Fuyang personnel.

when this is all checked, no problem started basic optimization. The first thing to do is to update the content of the website, of course, is to avoid the same page content to be unique. When the long tail keywords can add content to website, with the anchor text to increase the site within the chain site structure optimization.


as the Shanghai dragon staff, face a day of repetitive work. Long time to face the computer and the computer itself the temptation. It will make people become lazy. In order to reduce the execution of work in the working efficiency is greatly reduced. Especially when the Shanghai dragon did not own a complete set of optimization ideas, the situation would be even worse. So a qualified personnel of Shanghai dragon in the face of any type of website must have their own a complete set of optimization ideas, at least it will know what you need to work every day, don’t sit around at a loss. About the optimization ideas, in my experience, summed up the following set of programs, give your reference, if there is insufficient please enlighten.