How to judge whether it is love Shanghai marketing website drop right

fourth step, check whether Links is right down

is the main external mass malicious chain, many customers in order to reduce their workload, it was released by the chain of big mass software, released results are garbage outside the chain, and even some sites are linked to some illegal websites, this transfer function, also can make the search engine to us the site is not friendly;

introduction: engaged in marketing website operators have a web site is down right, right down means the marketing website is search engine punishment, many novices do not know how to determine whether a site is down right, then to optimize the wrong way to optimize the site, resulting in K site is down right, is also very common in the usual optimization, the most important thing to learn to find the right down, and then to deal with the problems, which is beneficial to the right down the website fast recovery, so how to determine whether it is love Shanghai marketing website drop right? Believe this is of great concern to the people, now the depth of network Xiaobian and share marketing website is right down the phenomenon.

web site is down rightThe first step of

The second step, check the

, check the marketing website there is no internal

this is mainly to see the site within the program has not been implanted Trojan, the surface can not see, the programmer need auxiliary view, see if there are any files inside the website or not, which file has been changed, the source antivirus and modify the source code comparison, find out the Trojan horse, if not timely treatment, sure there will be

third step, check the marketing of external factorsEffect of

drop right phenomenon;Effect of

: such as the title and content does not match the description text over links, keywords malicious stack, single chain guide and so on, will lead the marketing website is down right, these operations are illegal search engine optimization rules, a search engine found this phenomenon will immediately make a corresponding punishment on the website;



love Shanghai last year to adjust the role of the chain has little effect, for the optimization is not so strong, but the value chain of high quality still exists, when your friend chain K station or long term cannot be accessed, your site will be more or less punishment;

marketing website internal code has been tampered with


concluded that the site weight decreased and the ranking dropped substantially, need a period of observation, generally for a week or so, if the ranking cannot be recovered, 80% chance of being right down performance. Of course, there are also genuine marketing website right down there, right down may be false keyword ranking dropped, but the article can still reach the second, keyword is not a one-time full of 100, are false and true right down, down the right keywords will be dropped to 100, included will slowly reduce the weight. Will fall, so much to understand the relevant rules optimization >